IAMCS will train future mathematical scientists to apply interdisciplinary approaches through global collaborations. The Institute will recruit a cohort of Graduate Fellows to pursue the newly-created IAMCS Ph.D. program. Program description and application details will be announced shortly.

IAMCS believes that the value and impact of research are enhanced by dissemination to the next generation, while the research enterprise receives essential and sustained energy, vitality, and fresh ideas through contributions of talented students.


It is now widely understood that most of the major challenges facing mankind are by their nature and impact both global and interdisciplinary. Solutions can be found only via interdisciplinary approaches applied through global collaborations. Adopting both a global and an interdisciplinary perspective is vital for the Institute’s success.


These two principles guide the graduate education philosophy of IAMCS, where students will work as part of interdisciplinary research teams and will have access to a newly-created graduate program in Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics at Texas A&M University. This new Ph.D. degree track will provide students with an interdisciplinary and integrative graduate education in applied mathematics and computational science with a global perspective. Extensive interactions and collaborations with KAUST faculty and students through exchanges, joint workshops and colloquia, and co-advising will broaden the education and research experience of students at IAMCS.


Courses of Interest to IAMCS Students


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