Acknowledgment: Any publication based on or developed under support or collaboration with the IAMCS award including but not limited to written, video, presentations, talks and Internet-based publication, must contain the IAMCS acknowledgment.


IAMCS encourageS the publication of scientifically significant results of any research under IAMCS support.  all publications by IAMCS Investigators, Application Researchers, Post Doctoral Researchers and Graduate Resarch Fellows submitted to appropriate professional, scientific, and academic journals or talks, papers, presentations delivered at conferences, workshops or meetings are relevant for citation.


  • A copy of the manuscript in .pdf format
  • The name of the journal it has been or will be submitted to
  • The anticipated time of publication
  • You will receive electronic acknowledgement from IAMCS staff that your pre-print has been received and may request additional information if necessary.
  • Preprint titles submitted by IAMCS investigators will be posted to the IAMCS website immediately at
  • You will be contacted with the acceptance/rejection information from IAMCS staff by email. When IAMCS has received acceptance, your pre-print will be made available (via .pdf viewer) at . If there are restrictions concerning this access, please inform IAMCS staff upon submission of your pre-print.
  • Upon acceptance for publication, please provide IAMCS with a copy of the final published manuscript. This is required for IAMCS to have a .pdf copy of your published work.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact Joyce Sutherland, Program Manager at or 979-845-5528