Dates:   16 – 18 May 2016

This conference will explore novel mathematical methods in the life sciences, with an aim of fostering interactions and collaborations across different disciplines. In addition to mathematicians and statisticians, we will have participants and speakers working in various life sciences areas (biology, biochemistry, ecology, and medicine) with an emphasis in quantitative and computational methods and data analysis. We hope this will be a great opportunity for the participants to learn about key problems in those areas, acquire new tools for their research, share their expertise and engage in potential collaborations. The conference will be a blend of formal talks, panel discussion sessions and informal exchanges. Topics include cancer, genomics, biological clocks, systems biology, physiology, and biostatistics.

Confirmed Speakers: 

  1. Deborah Bell-Pedersen (TAMU)
  2. Gunnar Carlsson (Stanford)
  3. L.G. de Pillis (Harvey Mudd)
  4. Daniel Forger (Univ. Mich.)
  5. Alan D. Freed (TAMU)
  6. Anita Layton (Duke)
  7. Reinhard C. Laubenbacher (Univ. Conn.)
  8. Paul A. Lindahl (TAMU)
  9. Glenn Tesler (Univ. Calif. San Diego)

For inquiries, please contact one of the organizers below.

Conference Organizers:

Paulo Lima-Filho (

Anne Shiu (

Jay Walton (

Hosted by Texas A&M University’s Institute for Applied Mathematics and Computational Science