Outreach opportunities include: internships and training for graduate students, and participation in workshops and seminars for research dissemination.

Researchers at Texas A&M and partner institutions engaged in IAMCS have an extensive history of research collaborations with multinational industries, and many of these researchers have industrial experience as well. Corporations such as Exxon Mobil, Saudi Aramco, Sinopec, Hewlett-Packard, Quantum Reservoir Impact, and Computer Modeling Group (CMG) have been supporting the research and educational programs of IAMCS researchers in various ways, including unsolicited research awards, research consortium support, infrastructure support, faculty and student support, faculty sabbaticals, and student internships, etc.


Within IAMCS, these established industry collaborations play a key role, and new collaborations are being formed to provide important industry perspectives on potential directions within the research cores. Particularly on the applications-related thematic areas where computational outcomes of IAMCS provides key tools of interest to industry.


Various structures have been established within IAMCS that promote and advance industry-IAMCS interactions, such as industry participation on the External Advisory Board, to ensure that IAMCS’s long-term strategic planning is fully informed by industry expertise and perspectives in such areas as applications research, applications design, and applications training. It will also be beneficial for industry to participate and support IAMCS activities in long term research that will play important roles in future business directions; e.g., manufacturing, product design, efficiencies, as well as in the recruitment of the future technical workforce. Therefore, industry and IAMCS can easily form synergistic partnerships to more efficiently carry out their research missions in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, professional training, and education.


Key interactions between industry and IAMCS take the form of:

  • Graduate Student Internships and Training
  • Interactions among IAMCS, and Industry
  • Participation in IAMCS Workshops, Seminars and Related Activities for Research Dissemination


Likewise, the IAMCS encourages industry experts to give lectures on technology trends in industry and to provide IAMCS students, and faculties exposure to industry research and application needs, as well as future technical workforce needs. This interaction between IAMCS and industry fosters ongoing collaborations and initiates new opportunities for collaboration, particularly related to giving students an important perspective on the transition of theoretical research in core areas to thematic applications important to industry.