2013-2014 Innovation Award

  • Wolfgang Bangerth (TAMU), Timo Heister (TAMU), and Fabrizio Bisetti (KAUST) on Simulating Chemically Reactive, Laminar Flow
  • Yu Ding (TAMU) on Statistical Methods Automating Morphology Analysis and Characterization of Overlapping Nano Particles
  • Yalchin Efendiev (TAMU), Visctor Calo (KAUST), and Suzana Nunes (KAUST) on Simulation of Complex Processes in Porous Materials
  • Faming Liang (TAMU), Xin Gao (KAUST) and Jim Ji (TAMU)  on Improving NMR Protein Structure Determination using Advanced Monte Carlo Methods
  • Bani Mallick (TAMU), Ibrahim Hoteit (KAUST), and Denis Dreano (KAUST) on Unified Bayesian Frameworks with Application to Ocean Inverse and Assimilation Problems
  • Daniel Roelke (TAMU), Jay Walton (TAMU), Chris Voolstra (KAUST), and Cornelia Roder (KAUST) on Coupling Water-Column Bio-Optics and Coral Reef Ecology to Predict the Impacts of Climate Change and Coastal Zone Development on the Red Sea – beginning steps in research
  • Suojin Wang (TAMU), Xiangliang Zhang (KAUST) and Abdulhakim Qahtan (KAUST) on Some Highly Collaborative Research Problems in Statistical Machine Learning and Uncertainty Quantification

2011-2012 Innovation Award

  •  Nancy Amato (TAMU), Lawrence Rauchwerger (TAMU), Panos Kalnis (KAUST) on Parallel Algorithms for Computing Suffix Trees
  • Yalchin Efendiev (TAMU), and Victor Calo (KAUST) on Reduced-order Mutliscale Methods with Optimal Petrov-Galerkin (OPG) Methods
  • Marc Genton (TAMU), Chris Johnson (Utah), Kristin Potter (Utah), and Georgiy Stenchikov (KAUST) on 3D Boxplots for Image Visualization and Uncertainty Quantification
  • Jianhua Huang (TAMU) on Nonparametric Probabilistic Approach for Modeling the Local Protein Structure
  • Mikyoung Jun (TAMU), Marc Genton (TAMU), Sigurjon Jonsson (KAUST) on Assessing Stationarity and Uncertainties in InSAR Observations
  • Bojan Popov (TAMU), and David Ketcheson (KAUST) on Numerical Methods for Systems of Consercvation Laws
  • Radu Stoleru (TAMU), and Basem Shihada (KAUST) on Towards Optimal Events Localization in Time-Varying Acyclic Flow Networks
  • Vivek Sarin (TAMU) on High Performance Computing on CPU-GPU Platforms