There are a series of Computer Resources available to IAMCS Member Investigators and Researchers.


  • Hurr Cluster

-This cluster has 128 computer nodes (total 1024 cores), each with two 2.5Ghz Quad-core Opteron processors and 32GB of memory per done. Compute nodes are interconnected via Voltaine DDR (16GB/s) infiniband switch


-This cluster has 172 compute nodes, each with two 2.5Ghz quad-core Intel Xeon(Harpertown) or AMD Opteron (Shanghai) processors with 16 or 32 GB of memory per node. Compute nodes are interconnected via a HP switch.


-Shaheen, which is a 16-rack IBM Blue Gene/P system, is equipped with 4gigabyte memory per node and capable of 222 teraflops, making KAUST campus the site of one of the world’s fastest supercomputers in an academic environment.