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IAMCS supports transformative research in applied mathematical and computational sciences conducted by multidisciplinary teams of mathematicians, statisticians, and computer scientists. Theoretical advances are applied to problems of significance to Saudi Arabia and the world through thematic applications-related research. IAMCS creates a synergistic research intersection of three distinct disciplines, each approaching similar problems from different perspectives. Integration of these perspectives allows application-related problems to benefit from theoretical advances tied to model development and predictive assessment, flexible models, and problems with either excessive or sparse data.


The institute’s research and education activities are structured on three research cores:


Annual applications-related research themes
 serve as research integrators required for the needed synergy to transform discrete research cores into a unified institute.


  • Research Theme 2008-2009: Computational Earth Sciences
  • Research Theme 2009-2010: Computational Materials Science and Engineering


Through its research cores and annual themes, IAMCS ignites creative interactions with these component parts, generating new knowledge in critical areas and better preparing the next generation of researchers.


The critical problems IAMCS addresses require a novel partnership of distinct disciplines. The transformative outcome is the integration of traditional disciplines into a collaborative research domain that promotes robust theoretical and applications-related approaches. IAMCS transcends traditional academic boundaries and creates new disciplinary approaches to significant problems, primarily those requiring advanced computational technologies and visualization tools. Existing collaborations between IAMCS researchers and industry are leveraged through activities of the External Advisory Board. Industrial partners, such as Exxon Mobil Upstream Research Company and Quantum Reservoir Impact, interact with IAMCS’s research programs through ongoing dialog and research collaboration.


IAMCS develops faculty collaborations, engages students and postdoctoral fellows in cutting-edge research, and establishes a new model for graduate education. IAMCS goals will be accomplished via cyber-enabled tutorials, rotating workshops, seminars, and student/faculty exchanges.


Finally, IAMCS is developing a high performance computing environment,along with a grid computing infrastructure to support computational solutions to large-scale problems.


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Core 1: Forward Multi-scale Modeling and Simulation
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